RPP 10.2017

Rittenhouse Political Partners is a woman-owned fundraising firm with a record of success working for a variety of candidates and causes. Our Philadelphia-based team has been recognized as the premiere fundraisers in Pennsylvania.

Since Aubrey Montgomery founded the firm in 2013, Rittenhouse Political Partners has raised over $20 million for candidates, political action committees, and nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania and around the country. Aubrey has built the success of the firm on executing comprehensive fundraising strategies for her campaigns and on the relationships she has built with the region’s—and the nation’s—most engaged political donors and PACs over the past decade.

Rittenhouse Political Partners team of talented veteran fundraisers provide expert fundraising and consulting services to candidates at every level of government, as well as local and federal political action committees, party committees, issue advocacy campaigns, and nonprofit organizations. Aubrey and her team are known for developing and implementing innovative and custom-tailored strategies to maximize revenue for their clients.

Rittenhouse Political Partners is also well known for the fundraising-adjacent services it provides to the political community. From fundraising and compliance trainings, board development, campaign operations and administration, campaign finance filings and oversight – Rittenhouse handles all aspects of campaign finance planning.

With an exclusive roster of projects, Aubrey, Neil, Rachel and Dornell are each personally invested in the success of their campaigns and pride themselves on the close relationship they build with each of their clients.

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